Reseda Blvd. Church of Christ

The Reseda Blvd. Church of Christ has established a Secure Server Connection in order to make contributions of any nature ONLINE!

This process is easy and quick and will also benefit RBCOC by a reduction in administrative work allowing us to concentrate more on the work of Christ!

Would you like to make a donation today?

This seed I sow
is a seed to grow
and increase God's Kingdom
on earth.

As I sow generously,
may I receive
the promises of abundance,
blessings, and prosperity
granted to every tither
and sacrificial giver.

To make a donation, simply click the 'donate' button below

If you want to learn more about how our online contribution system works using PayPal, click here for a step by step process.

Finally, if you have questions about making an online dontation, please feel free to contact our webmaster.